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Interview by Kasper Bech Dyg for Louisiana Channel June 2016

“The Closest you get to Silence - or skin.There’s so little between me as an artist and my material...”









Fanø Kunstmuseum

24 March - 27 May 2018

Fanø Kunstmuseum, Nord Land 5, Sønderho, 6720 Fanø, DK

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Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Århus

1 June - 15 August 2018

Solo Exhibition

This solo exhibition shows new watercolor and ink drawings on paper, as well as Julie Nord's biggest drawing to date.
The exhibition's title is "Fantom". A phantom is an unreal figure that manifests itself to us through the power of thought. In Danish the word "Fantombillede" also means identikit, a drawing made of wanted people. The drawings are constructed based on witnesses' more or less valid explanations. A phantom is thus a piece of contructed reality. A sometimes convincing and insistent product created by our imagination.

Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Mejlgade 44A, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

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Julie Nord has at the end of 2016 finished a large decoration assignment for Marselisborg Gymnasium (College), supported by New Carlsberg Foundation.





Original litographs  printed at  Edition Copenhagen 2016                                                                                                 

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A film by director Phie Ambo and Danish Documentary

Julie Nord struggles to control the final details in her work universe for the exhibition  Xenoglossy. However, not everything goes as it should. The poetic portrait movie gives a glance into the artist's attempt to make her works work.

Premiere  was august 2010 at ARoS. Also shown at Odense Dokumentar Filmfestival and Copenhagen Dox. Watch teaser here





WHAT DOES ART DO AT HOSPITALS?, September 2017 - April 2018, Group Exhibition, KØS. Museum of art in public spaces, Køge, DK

EIGHT ARTISTS FROM THE MUSEUM COLLECTION, May - September 2017, Group Exhibition, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Sweden

BROWN STUDY, April - May 2017, Solo Exhibition, Tom Christoffersen Gallery, Kbh K, DK

TASTING 4, April - May 2017, Group Exhibition, KIKssh - Kunst I kapellet Skt. Hans Have, Roskilde, DK

ERUPTION, May 2016 - February 2017, Group Exhibition, Trapholt, Kolding, DK

BLACK / WHITE, December 2016 - January 2017, Group Exhibition, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Århus, DK

THE LABYRINTH, January - December 2016, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, DK

PAPER, PAPER, PAPER, September – November 2016, Group Exhibition, Galleri Profilen, Århus, DK

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY, August - November 2016, Group Exhibition, Falsterbo Kunsthal. Vellinge, Sweden

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCES, June - August 2016, Solo Exhibition, Hå Gamle Præstegård, Nærbø, Norway

DOWN BY THE RIVER, January - May 2016, Group Exhibition, Teckningsmuseet i Laholm, Sweden

JULIE NORD - COLLECTED GRAPHIC WORKS 2000-2015, Solo Exhibition, February - March 2016, Tom Christoffersen Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

RARINGER, September - November 2015. Group Exhibition, Peter Land and Julie Nord are curating. Gallery Artendal, Bomulsfabrikkens Kunsthall, Arendal, Norway

GREAT GIFTS OF CHANCE, August - September 2015, Group Exhibition,  Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, DK

NONSENS, August - September 2015, Exhibition with Peter Land: A series of drawings made in common, and individual works.  Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus C, DK

VATTENKONST, May - September 2015, Nordisk Akvarelmuseum, Group Exhibition, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden

Stone Talking. Der Stein spricht. Zeitgenässische Lithografie der EDITION COPENHAGEN, March - June 2015, Group Exhibition, Lyonel Feininger Galerie, Museum für Grafische Künste, Quedlinburg, D

MARKET ART FAIR, April 2015, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

KUNSTEN VISITS BRANDTS, August 2014 - April 2015,
Brandts 13, Odense C, DK

10.000 TIMER - WHAT IS TALENT? September 2014 - February 2015, Group Exhibition, Trapholt, DK

JUST LIKE HOME, May - August 2014, Solo Exhibition, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, DK

JUST LIKE HOME. November 2013 - May 2014, solo exhibition, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, DK



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